Forever Super Junior fan. Forever an ELF. 15 is Forever

How this craziness began…

Since my high school days I was fond of Asian movies and dramas.

I started being addict to Korean movies when my cousin introduced me “My Sassy Girl”. I really like it very much. It’s the kind of movie that I will not get tired to watch over and over again. That started my K-addiction.

My sister, like me is K-addict as well as my other cousins. It is our common denominator. My sister aside from being fond of k dramas/movies, she also loves K-POP. But me at that time is not that addicted to it, yeah I listen to K-POP but not addicted to it unlike now. Going back to the story, she became a Super Junior fan I think it was during “Sorry, sorry” or earlier than that.

I got curious one day when she was watching SJ MV. I was like “Who are they?” then she said its SJ. At first I was like ok. When I listened to their songs I kinda like it because its catchy but when the fact of SJ having 13 member plus a sub-unit SJM was laid out to me by my sis. I was like “WHAT?! 13 members!”. With that fact I just knew I would never like them, why? because they are so many how can I memorize all the members names and faces?

So she is a SJ fan, and I continued to be a K lover. There are times when I insult SJ just to tease my sister. Among the SJ members(before I was not a fan) I thought before that no one is good looking, I didn’t like their hair styles.image

Even though I’m not an SJ fan at that time I still listen to their songs and watched their MV’s but I never cared about them.

It was during “No Other” promotions when something I never thought would happen… happened. The MV was released and I did watched it. I was still in state of denial after watching I don’t want to admit it but I think I’m starting to like SJ.

I was checking the news on when I ran it an article about SJ comeback perf in Ingkigayo out of curiosity I’ve watched it. This was the exact perf I was reffering to

Tee-hee they all look handsome and I just so love this performance because you can see that SJ enjoys performing, you can see their smiles, others members are goofing around. I watched it for a couple of times, even the next day. Then after that I asked my sis who the guy who wore a glasses during that perf. She said it’s Heechul. That time I admitted to her that I was wrong, there are some members in SJ that are good-looking. After that I started fangirl-ing over Hee. I’ve watcher the “No other” MV for a couple of times and ta-dah other member caught my attention it was……Lee Sungmin the Aegyo king of SJ


So after that I started fangirl-ing over MIN and HEE but more of MIN. Then until now I am a fan of SUPER JUNIOR and my bias is LEE SUNGMIN.

For the record, I can say that I am happy being an SJ fan, being an ELF. Maybe most can’t relate or would not understand me but even though I don’t personally know them and vice versa I still can say that SJ and ELF have a different bond that no one can break.

I feel ther happiness when they are happy and also feel their pain whenever they are sad. Now I try to help SJ win awards through searching for them in different sites, buying their new jib(album) and participating in polls.

I am happy being an ELF because






From SJ + ELF = 15


*Re-posting this from my old tumblog ^_^

Unlimited happiness with Super Junior with Globe

 F.O.R.E.V.E.R E.L.F


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  1. lovelyjandl says:

    Awesome I like them too but you are more well inform about them 🙂 great post.

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