Greatest Love

Title: Greatest Love / Best Love

Released Date: May 4, 2011

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Episodes: 16

Ae Jung a member of the very famous girl group before called “National Treasure Girls” 10 years ago. But after their breakup she received all the blame and affected her career. Dokko Jin, a top star that have many CF and movies but has a bad character. The two became involve together after Ae Jung sneaked into Dokko Jin’s dressing room and discovered a secret of Dokko. Kang Se Ri is also a member of the “National Treasure Girls” but after their breakup became a really popular MC of the dating show “Couple Making”. Yoon Pil Joo is a handsome oriental medicine doctor and will participate in the dating show because of the pressure given by his mother.

The story is common since I have watched many series with the same theme. What I like about this series even though it has a common plot is how it is presented. Normally when the lead actor confesses his love for the girl it will be a romantic scene but in this series it is not. It is like love confession goes wrong.

The savior of this series, which made me watched it until the end is the character of Cha Seung Won (Dokko Jin). He thinks highly of himself because he is a top star but when he is in love he never think twice to give up his status just to protect his loved one (Sweet right?). Gong Hyo Jin’s character (Gu Ae-jung) is very kind and is willing to sacrifice herself just to protect her loved ones (I just wish she could fight and think for herself for once). Yoo In Na (Kang Se Ri) is a bitchy type here but through out the story you will get to see here other side which will make you like her. Yoon Kye Sang’s character (Yoon Pil Joo) is weird at first because all he knows is to study but when he became interested with Ae Jung he became a perfect man all girls dream of.


He love this pose


He is soooo cute

Dokko’s manager Kim Jae Seok is very adorable and funny. There is a scene when he is very drunk and went to Dokko’s house LOL. That was my favorite scene in this drama.


This scene is really funny :)))




Lee Seung Gi ❤ made a cameo

This series overall has a very light approach though has a common plot. If you are tired of the heavy Korean dramas and would just want to watch a feel good series then this one might be a great watch for you.

Rating: 8/10

Watch the trailer here:



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