Rooftop Prince

Title: Rooftop Prince / Attic Prince

Released Date: March 21, 2012

Genre: Fantasy / Comedy / Romance

Episodes: 20

Rooftop Prince is a story of the Crown Prince Lee Gak who was transported 300 years after Joseon Dynasty into Park Ha’s house. He along with his three (3) entourage: Song Man Bo, Do Chi San and Wu Yong Sul was transported to the future to discover the truth behind the mysterious death of the Crown Princess.

The story will revolve on how Lee Gak and his three entourage will adapt living in the future and finding the truth behind the mysterious death of the Crown Princess. The mystery of each character will be uncovered through out the story.

By far this series I can say is the best in all aspect. The story along was superb. There is no dull moment when I was watching this series. I didn’t skipped an episode because every episode is important to the whole story. I was satisfied on the ending though ready your tissue ’cause it is a bit heartbreaking kkk. I won’t be a spoiler so just watch the series and decide for yourself. I can conclude that the story will give you a roller coaster ride of emotion. You will laugh your heart out, feel in love, feel sad and be an investigator at the same time.

The OST used all along the series is very good. The songs added to the beauty of the scenes whether it be a happy /light scene or tearjerker scenes.

Park Yoochun (Micky Yoochun) portrayed the role of Prince Lee Gak and Yong Tae Yong, this is the first series I have watched starring him so I was impressed with his acting skills. Portraying two different roles specially from different eras is hard because the distinction for each character should be clear so that viewers wouldn’t be confused on which is which and with this I can say Yoo Chun did an awesome job.


I really appreciated Yoochun now because of this series ❤


Learned something new Soju + Whipped Cream = Perfect combination

Other characters did an awesome job too. Han Ji Min portrayed the role of Hong Bu Yong and Park Ha. Park Ha is a very strong willed girl and optimistic despite the hardships she had gone through. Jeong Yu Mi as Hong Se Na and Hong Hwa Yong. Se Na is Park Ha’s elder sister. She is selfish and ambitious. Lee Tae Sung as Yong Tae Mu cousin of Tae Yong and lover of Se Na. You will really hate his character. He has many secrets and he is willing to do anything just to get what he wants.


I really hate Yong Tae Mu but wait lookie at the caption Donghae fishery kkk

Lee Min Ho as Song Man Bo (The guy in green tracksuit). He is not the Lee Min Ho who stars in City Hunter or Boys Over Flowers he has just the same name, cool isn’t it. Man Bo is one of the entourage of Prince Lee Gak. He is very intelligent but because he is an illegitimate child so he cannot have  any position in the Government. He was called by the Crown Prince to help solve the mystery death of the Crown Princess.

Jung Suk Won as Wu Yong Sul (The guy in blue tracksuit). He is a very skillful swordsmen who was able to capture and killed those who killed his mother and raped his sister. He was about to be executed but the Crown Prince saved him and asked him to be his body guard.

Choi Woo Shik as Do Chi San (The guy in yellow tracksuit). Chi San entered the palace at a young age as an Eunuch but he was kicked out because he was too flirty with the palace ladies. But his strength was he knows everything that goes in the palace.


Red, Green, Blue and Yellow

The Crown Prince plus his three entourage is really funny. They are my favorite characters. If you want to laugh really hard watch the scenes of the four and you will literally roll on the floor laughing. Their elevator scene is the funniest plus Yoochun’s fans you should watch Prince Lee Gak crazy dancing. And after watching this series I just want to learn how to make omurice.


Funniest scene ever! Elevator scene


Yoochun’s crazy dance




Yoochun is 2,606.60 km away from me kkk ^_^

Overall I really love every bit of this series. Add this to your must watch series ^_^.

Rating: 10/10

Listen to the OST here!

Watch the trailer here:



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