Random Thoughts: SJ make me smile

March 31, 2013 – The time now as I am writing this post is 12:43 AM. I don’t feel sleepy since I took a power nap a while ago. The reason I am writing this random post is because I feel a bit sad about something I saw in Facebook. It’s not a love problem or anything it just reminded me of my dilemma lately, what-I-want-in-my-life. I have been seriously thinking about this matter lately. Well I really should since it concerns my future. As early as now I should know what path I want for my life. So this is why I felt a bit sad today. But when I checked my Facebook feeds I saw a post of Pumpkin PH saying “Watch this before you sleep~~ ♥ “I DO~” ♥” which has a video link. I watched it and I smiled.

Then I came to realize. Whenever I feel down or be upset because of somethings I always see any news about Super Junior. And whenever I look at it or watch it my feelings became lighter. Call me delusional but Super Junior, when I am upset, has their own ways to make me smile. Not just me but us, ELF.

They may not know me personally or even know I exist in this world but somehow in a weird way they made me feel better when I am sad. They are my escape to this cruel reality. It feels weird really weird ^_^ but I know fan girls can relate to me.

Anyway that’s it my random post today. To ELF who feels a bit sad today this may make you feel better ^_^. This is the exact video that made me smile. Credits to the owner. Komawo ^_^.



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