KPOP Cosplay Convention 3


March 3, 2013 – Is the day for the 3rd KPOP Cosplay Convention, a convention solely made for Filipino KPOP fans. This year’s KPOP Cosplay Con 3 was held in SMX Function Hall 4. This event is another “first” for me to attend a cosplay convention.

Early Bird

It was my first time to attend this kind of event and I expect long lines at the entrance so I went there earlier than usual. Another reason is because I want to save a seat at the viewing hall so I can have a better place to take the video of my friend who is a participant for the Cosplay Group Category. I arrived at venue on time. There are no long lines so no hassle to go in. I bought a ticket and fall in line at the entrance.


I am an early bird ^_^

The Venue  

The venue was perfect for a convention. It has enough space for the attendees to roam around. Many booths took part in the event. KPOP merchandises are offered from cute hats, bags, hair extension with colors, albums, posters and many more. Foods and beverages are also sold. 


Lots of KPOP Merchandises




Super Junior goodies spotted ♥_♥


Taste the Bene difference – Caffe Bene

Team H 

The Philippines release of “I just wanna have fun” by Team H was also held at the event. Team H is composed of Jang Geun Suk and Big Brother. Three PH based fan clubs (Eels PH, Jang Geun Suk PH and Jang Keun Suk PH) of Jang Geun Suk were present in support for the “I just wanna have fun” launch and they are also selling JGS items at their booths.


I just wanna have fun – Team H


Cake from Eels PH


Jang Geun Suk merchandises


And JGS himself….via a standee kkkk

Games, games and more games!

Aside from the cosplay competition many games are in store for the audience. The program started with Ramyeon eating contest. The MC’s choose the participants in the audience. They picked the participants who will stand out in dancing the song played. It was a fun competition among the audience. Others where shy at first to dance in front of many people but later on their shyness was shed away.

Norebang Superstar is one of the highlights of the event. Here the participants will sing KPOP song they choose like in Karaoke. The judges for this event are Karla Carreon (Grand Prize at K-pop World Festival 2011), Avii Pineda, and Rince Cajucom (2nd Place tvN K-pop Star Hunt).


A contestant for Norebang Superstar

Another games is Milkis Drinking Contest. Selected players from the audience needs to drink 5 cans of Milkis. The first to finish is the winner and will get to take home a case of Milkis.


The thirsty contestants for Milkis

My favorite among the games is Name that K-pop Tune. Five groups of five will compete and the first to get 5 points will be the winner. The format of the game is the groups will have to bid the lowest time they could guess the K-pop song. The lowest bidder will have to name the song and the singer based on the piano version of the song. The twist here is that the tune will be played for only the amount of time bid by the guesser.


It’s bidding time

Other games are Ice Cream Eating Contest, Trip to Seoul and Hero Sausages Eating Contest. All this are made possible by the generous sponsors.

Cosplay Competition

What is a cosplay convention without a cosplay competition? The competition has two category: Solo and Group. For the group category each groups are given 1 minute. Contestants really made an effort for this event. Their costumes are very similar to the original and most even copied the overall appearance of the groups they are cosplaying, from their dresses, hair, make up and dance.


Mystic Time

For the solo category, each participant was given 30 seconds. Participants in this category also made effort for their looks. Some even look like their idols already, not because of make up or dress but naturally look-a-like.


Cosplayers doing their thing


Lee Jaeshin cosplaying as Kevin of U-Kiss


They already look like Koreans kkk


A cosplayer of Taeyang, he really does look like Taeyang ^_^

Overall every contestants are an eye candy for the audience. This truly shows how creative and talented PH K-pop cosplayers could be.

Special Performances

To add flavor and excitement to the event covers groups did special performances. Hyun-a Project did a hot Hyun-a cover with Change and Ice Cream. Ku-Kiss did a U-Kiss special which made many fan girls scream. Boys Gen PH and The Girls did a Girls Generation special. And last but not the least ELFinity, last years Dance Reverse champion, did a Super Junior special.

K-pop Cover Dance Reverse!

The main event for the Kpop Cosplay Convetion 3 is the Dance Reverse. Here the girls will cover Kpop boy groups and the boys will cover Kpop girl groups. I’ve witnessed all the contestants and all I can say is WOW! all of them are really good. They really prepared for this just by looking at their costumes and their routines. Their mixes of the songs are also good. I am very proud to say that PH K-pop fans are really talented.


Super Simple GG champion for Dance Rev Male Category


9enesis did an IGAB performance


In between of the events me and my friend Rie roam around the venue to look for cosplayers and have a picture with them. Surely fan girl-ing is best when you have a friend to spazz with.


Rie with Karel, Rince, Karla, and Yuki


Rie with Kert, Edsel, Rupert and Raymond


Me with Triple-D (Yuki and Karel)


Me with Edsel Sadje and Rupert Matthew (Baekhyun cosplayer)


Me with Karla Carreon a very talented girl


Me with Rince Cajucom ^_^


Finally I was able to take a pic with Raymond (Kyu cosplayer and a member of Ku-Kiss)


With Kurt Sadje (Siwon cosplayer)

I also have a good share of fangirl-ing with Joy, Potpot and Czerine. Kpop is really a small world since we bumped into some of the people we saw at DKFC.


Sunday blast with my chingus ^_^



This event is surely about fun and making new friends. Another event that I will from now on will look forward to every year.

Thank you KFEST and the sponsors for making KPOP Cosplay Convention 3 possible!

Check out my fan cams during the event 🙂



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