What Time Is It: The concert experience

March 02, 2013 – I still haven’t gotten over my DKFC experience when the news of 2PM having a concert here in Manila surfaced the news. I thought they would never come, since it was so last year when it has been rumored that Philippines was included in their tour. I grabbed my ticket as early as February 14. At that time I wasn’t 100% sure if I will be able to watch it because co-workers have planned to have an out-of-town trip the same day of the concert. But it was cancelled so I was able to watch. It was a blessing in disguise.


The day of the concert has arrived. Knowing that the ticket I got is a reserved seat type, I came to the venue a bit late compared to the other KPOP events I have gone to. I ate dinner first then met up with my friend Joy who will also watch the concert. She was with Czerine and Denise. Czerine was my dongsae during high school and it was our first time to meet again after long years. Denise was Czerine’s little sister.

When we got in to the MOA Arena we took some pictures at the M!Live booth. Then we got to the concert area. Me, Czerine and Denise got a General Admission ticket but to our surprised we were moved to Upper Box section and free seating was implemented. Of course we are happy since at least we can have a better view of the stage. We found a good seat. We found out that those who bought Upper Box tickets we moved to the Lower Box section.

Mixed Emotions

It was almost 7:00 PM  but only a few where at their seats. Most seats fronting the stage were occupied. The VIP 1, 2 and 3 have only few people. Honestly I became frightened with it. I have experienced DKFC, SiHae in Manila and Lee Min Ho fun meet and if I were to compare the amount of people, today’s attendees is fewer. I felt sad because it might give 2PM the impression that Philippines don’t like them. It was 7:30 PM and the other attendees, those who are in lower box and upper box section were allowed to go in. Still MOA Arena wasn’t filled.

The Commotion

It is past 7:30 PM yet the concert isn’t starting. Then a commotion happened. Those who got the upper box tickets were moved  nearer to those who bought lower box tickets. People in the Upper Box (Those who got a General Admission tickets) rushed downstairs in hope that they will be allowed to seat in the Lower box section which still wasn’t filled. People were running like hell in the escalator. A horrifying commotion I wouldn’t want to experience ever again. Good thing nobody was hurt. The security locked the lower box entrance. Hopeless I decided to go back to my seat since I got lost of Czerine and Denise.

An act of kindness fan girl’s way

When I got back our seat was already occupied. I was trying to contact Czerine but the lights dimmed and the show is about to start. I just decided to stand at the back of our original seat but another fan was very worried since it’s a waste if I didn’t get a seat which I paid for. But I say that it’s okay. Then another fan offered me to share her seat with me. This exact experience is one of the reasons why I love being a fan girl. Imagine we don’t know each other but they offered kindness. To those at section 401 near the camera man from the bottom of my heart, Kamsahamnida!

What time is it? It’s concert time!

The moment we all have waiting for came. 2PM in the flesh in front of us, breathing the same air and standing the same ground as us. It is indeed another dream come true for me. Their live voices are awesome. They are all so good-looking are they even real?! LOL.

They started with performing “I’ll Be Back”. I was spazzing like hell during Wooyoung’s part. Seeing him in person and watching him perform live is a dream come true. Minor technical problems happened at the first 2 songs. The sound and microphone sound was lost for a second but the show continued. 2PM handled it well. Everything after that felt surreal. They performed fiercely as expected and interacted with fans. My eyes were intact to Wooyoung the whole time he is so cute. He is my bias in 2PM.

They came out on suits for “Hearbeat” and followed by “Again and again” ballad version. 2PM offered another hot performance during “Back 2U” *coughs* abs showing performance. In addition to that we are shrieking because of the girl dancers with them.

During their “Hands Up” performance we all stand and jump and sang with them. It was really the best part of the concert. It’s like a big party.

Smoking hot solo stages

The solo stages of the members is something I look forward to witness. I don’t know what to expect with their solo stages all I know is it will be smoking hot ’cause that’s how I know 2PM, hot!

Chansung was the first to do the solo stage. And what a way to start the solo stages. Damn Chansunggie ~ why are you so hot? Also we were amazed by the laser thingy. He performed “Love you down”. He took off his shirt at the end part of the song and i was like  ooo-oh! ~ (Love you down tune). But seriously I should really give attention to Chansung now.

Junho’s solo stage came right after. Junho came up with shades on. Yay! so cute and hot. He performed “I can’t see the light”. If only I could be in the position of the girl dancers with him. Junho ended is solo stage showing us is mad drumming skills. My least favorite 2PM member was him but everything changes now. Why haven’t I noticed him earlier. He is very charming.

Wooyoung stage he performed “Sexy Lady”. Loud chants of his name can be clearly heard. He showed us his mad dancing skills and vocals too. He is such a tease by showing his abs by pulling his shirt up and down. Wooyoung’s solo stage daebak!!!

Taecyeon followed with a very cool performance. From all of the solo stages It’s my favorite  His DJ skills are so good. He performed “Its Time” which he wrote personally. I was just a bit sad because there is no abs showing LOL.

Nichkhun’s solo stage made us all cry when he performed his self-composition “Let it Rain”. It was a song he wrote for the Hottest during one of the rough times he faced.  His piano skills is pretty impressive.

Jun.K was the last to showcase his solo stage. He blown the whole MOA Arena away by showing his mad vocals and rap skills with “Just One Night”.

The Adorkables (Dork + Adorable)

The talk part of course is my favorite because we got to see the dork side of them. And the award of adorkable member belong  to Jang Wooyoung who made an effort to learn a Filipino children song “Tong tong tong pakitong-kitong”. 2PM members also learn a lot of Tagalog words like “Gutom ako”, “Gwapo”, “Mahal kita”, “Miss u kita” (Junho’s favorite , “Mahal na halo halo” (Jun. K’s favorite) and others. It’s really cute whenever Nichkhun tells the members “Speak in English please”. Taec is another contender for being a dork when the stage was filled with confetti he pick some and showered it to himself LOL. Seriously such a dorky Taec. Another is when he tries to throw a gift to the fans in the UpperBox Section. He put an effort to throw it but it fell in front LOL.

Fan service

2PM didn’t failed us with fan service. They interacted with the fans specially with those in VIP section and Lower Box Section *insert jealousy here* LOL. Some even went down the VIP section to let the fans took pictures of them. They are very comfortable sitting on the stage (VIP Section). 2PM even get cameras of the fans and took pictures of them and the fans. There are a lot of fan service that 2PM did and I bet those who were able to have an encounter with 2PM won’t get over with it.

Out of thirst

After the “Hands Up” performance I was almost out of breath and very thirsty because I sang and danced with all my might. I don’t have water with me because water bought outside the MOA Arena weren’t allowed in and the seller of the bottled waters are not in sight. Then I saw someone from our line who took a sip on the ice tea on the seat near me. I was really thirsty though it is not my attitude to ask a drink from someone I don’t know. At that time the ice tea was a very special thing in my eyes. I took up the courage and asked the girl if I can also drink in it (Yes! Out of thirst I can do something like this). Luckily she said its okay. So I took a sip and it regenerated my energy again LOL. After the concert I shared this story to my friends and they are like dying out of laughter for what I did LOL. Even I still can’t imagine I can do something like that, out of thirst.

Thank you

There is a part in the concert where they played clips of 2PM members going at different places buying things for a party. It was actually a clip done by 2PM for the Hottest. A letter to their Filipino Hottest was shown. The background music was “Thank You” so that made me cry. I felt their sincere thank you through the video.  2PM then showed up and sang “I Can’t” which they sang for us PH Hottest and we sang along too with them. It was followed with “Only You”. 2PM made our hearts shrieked so much with the songs they dedicated to us. Thank you 2PM and Hottest.

I can’t forget your love

The talk after the encore stage was super heart-warming. I was teary eyed when they promised to come back and put a more cool performance. And they kept on saying on they will work harder to offer us more nice songs. Nichkhun said that the concert was mind blasting, meaning it’s above mind-blowing. He is such a sweetie. He told us to eat something firsts then take it back he told we should go home safe first :”). And Taecyeon words for us that PH Hottest will never forgot. Wooyoung is so cute when its his turn to say a speech and asked Taec “In English?” and in the end he say his speech in English and just sang “I can’t forget you love” LOL.

“Out of… how many countries we have been? A lot of countries. You guys were definitely were the hottest  Ah seriously guys.” (What time is it? 2PM Live in Manila. March 2, 2013)

– Taecyeon

What Time Is It? 2PM Live in Manila
Kajima 2PM

The concert ended and I contacted Czerine to meet up at the lobby. At the lobby a lot of fans are still there lining up to take a picture with M!Live booth and to buy official merchandises. On our way to the parking lot we say a lot of fans waiting at the exit area. FYI, MOA Arena has only one exit so waiting there could give you a big chance to get a glimpse of your idol. We were walking coolly when we heard screams. We were so tired but we run like in marathons. I myself can’t even believe I ran that fast with only a little of energy left. The first car passed, I haven’t got a glimpse of 2PM. We then went to the parking lot and spazz again about the concert. That is when I shared my ice tea story. Whenever we hear screams we tell ourselves “O ayan na naman” (Oh there it goes again) and we are about to run to that direction. But when the scream wouldn’t die we run there again. And true enough 2PM rode their car there. Since their car was tinted I can see their faces so what I did is I just raised my “Sexy Wooyoung” banner in hope that he would see it.

언제까지라도 기다릴게 (I’ll be waiting forever)

It was a very fun-filled concert. I was worried at first since we were not able to fill MOA Arena but I guess 2PM felt our warm welcome to them. They will never forget our love. I know a lot of Hottest weren’t able to watch the concert maybe due to schedule or financial problems. But rest assured PH Hottest who weren’t there, us, who were present made 2PM feel your love, our love for them. I will hold on to their promise to come back with much cooler performance. Until that time let’s support them again through our computer screens.

“We may have not filled MOA Arena with people, but we filled it with our love for 2PM.”  -@akosigelai

What Time Is It? 2PM Live in Manila

*I will update this post with my fancams link once I uploaded it on YT 🙂



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7 Responses to What Time Is It: The concert experience

  1. Their What Time Is It Tour is the first concert I’ve gone to and it didn’t disappoint!! It was so fun and they were really so talented!! ❤

    Please check out my blog too. It's still new though 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  2. marrah says:

    hi! which area are you seated in upper box?

  3. Arianne de jesus says:

    Hiii may i know if you can clearly see their faces on stage? Im about to watch a concert and despite of me being excited hehe im also worried if i can still see their faces huhu 😭😭 i know im paranoid unnie ✌️✌️ Im looking forward to your answer thankyou 😄😄

    • dream18 says:

      Depends on the section you will get and your eyesight haha~ Since I have a bad eyesight I always wear my eyeglasses whenever I attend a concert and I also bring my binoculars in case kkk. If you will get VIP section you will see their faces for sure.

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