Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert

WHAT: Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert

WHERE: SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds

WHEN: January 19, 2013

Ticket prices:

Super VIP (Pit Section / Standing) : Php 11,000

VIP Diamond (Elevated Platform / Seating) : Php 11,000

VIP Platinum (Outer Pit Section / Standing): Php 9,000

Gold  (Outer Pit Section / Standing): Php 3,000

Bronze (Outer Pit Section / Standing): Php 1,000

Note: Ticketing charges apply

Where to buy tickets:

SM Tickets



For more details visit: http://www.dreamkpopfantasy.com

Message from Girls Generation

Message from EXO

Message from U Kiss

Message from Infinite

Message from Tasty

Message from Tahiti


Authors side note:

I am very excited to watch this ’cause this will be the first time that Philippine fans could see Girls Generation and EXO and it’s my first time to attend a KPOP concert. I will buy my ticket next week too bad I will only get a bronze due to financial limitations. Anyways the thought of breathing the same air and standing at the same ground as them make me so ecstatic. The very beautiful and generous Happee Sy (Pulp VP) has organized many events as early as last year for DKFC. And as of now she has given many tickets already and given discounts on tickets. Too bad wasn’t able to come to those ’cause I was busy last year. An ultimate pass and press conference pass was also given away by them today at DKFC Fiesta. I baldy want a press con pass T_T.

So if you still don’t have ticket buy one now! To those who will attend see you there and lez spazz together.


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