Dream High 2

Title: Dream High 2 / 드림하이 2

Released Date: January 30, 2012

Genre: Music / Romance / Comedy

Episodes: 16

Dream High 2 is a South Korean series which is a sequel to the first season entitled Dream High. The main setting of the story is Kirin Art School just like the first season though the leads are different. The story first started when a law was implemented to not allow under-aged entertainers to be on street or be on shows after 10 PM. This law provoked OZ Entertainment which handles top stars I:dn and HershE, whose members are still minors, to put their trainees back to school.

Kirin Art School after being a well known school that produces top stars such as Sam Dong, Pil Sook, Hyemi and etc (Characters are from Dream High) is experiencing financial bankruptcy. With this OZ Entertainment has taken over control of Kirin Art School and  transferred their trainees there. Being in control of Kirin, OZ Entertainment has implemented rules for the students and let the students take part in the search of Super Idol.

If I were to compare season 1 and season 2. I like season 1 more though season 2 is not that bad either. What is interesting here in the second season is how each characters evolve. Though I think the story of some of the character is a bit lacking or maybe it is because they have too many starring roles that is why they had a difficulty fitting them in the story.

The OST they have used just like first season is really good. My favorite is “Hello to Myself” by Yeeun Park of Wonder Girls. This song was used as the first composition of Hae-Sung (Kang-Sora). The lyrics fits perfectly in the story. I also like “We are the B” performed by the lower class during the competition and “Together” which is performed by Ri-An and JB.

We will talk about the main characters of the story first is Shin Hae-Sung portrayed by Kang-Sora. Sora was very well know for her portrayal of Han Chun-Hwa in the hit 2011 movie Sunny. She was a well known actress and not a singer so her being the lead here is a question for me at first but after watching it I then get why she was chosen to play it.

The role of Jin Yoo-Jin a rocker rebel was played by Jinwoon of 2AM. I called him the “G-Minooooor” guy. The role fits his personality cause in real life he was once in a band before he became part of 2AM which is a balladeer group. I was biased to him on this series so I don’t like how he end up being a rock teacher in Kirin instead of being the Super Idol (Sorry spoiler!).

JB and Si-Woo the duo called I:dn (Eden) was portrayed by JB a singer that is part of the duo JJ Project and Park Seo-Joon an actor. Since JB is just a rookie, his role made him famous and became the way for him to officially debut as a singer along side JR (who is also in the story and he portrays Jung Ui-Bong  the best dancer among the lower class) in the duo called JJ Project. Ri-An, Nana and Ailee whom are part of the girl group HershE was portrayed by real life singers Ji-Yeon of T-ara, Hyorin of Sistar and Ailee as herself a rookie solo singer. Ji-Yeon’s character here is the deceiver of all, you should watch how her character evolved along the story. Hyorin’s character on the other side is very lovable. I really like the love triangle of Nana, Si-Woo and Park Hoong-Joo (Played by Kim Jisoo a singer in real life). Ailee is a minor character here so sometimes her role wasn’t emphasized. There are times when she is missing then suddenly she just pops out.

The other supporting characters which indeed made a significant role in the story are those part of the lower class and the teachers like Kahi and JYP. Too bad JYP’s role doesn’t have a love interest just like in the first season. This show was really star studded and have included many stars to cameo.

As a conclusion I like this series if I were not to compare it to the first season. How the character evolves made this stand out among the rest of the series that I have watched so far.

Rating: 8.5/10

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