4th Philippine KPOP Convention


Official Poster for 4th Philippine KPOP Convention

December 29, 2012 – The 4th Philippine KPOP Convention happened at PICC Forums 1 – 3. Ever since 2009 it has been one of the events that KPOP fans look forward to as it has been known to be the biggest gathering of KPOP fanatics. Every year people that attend to it keeps on multiplying. It just proves how the “KPOP virus” is spreading like wildfire here in the Philippines. This years KPOPCon was special since two (2) (Yes you read it right,  not one but two KPOP group to be their special guest. Along with this Philippine KPOP Convention promise to be the best KPOP gathering with the tons of prizes, over 60 participating fan clubs, 4th Philippine KPOP awards, Korean merchandises, freebies and UBE (Uber Bonding Experience) for KPOP fanatics.

I wasn’t an all out KPOP fan before so I just recently heard about this event. This will be my first time to attend this event. I went with my sister, who is the culprit why I am now so into KPOP. I woke up early to prepare going to the event since I will be coming from Cavite. We arrived at the venue at 11:40 AM. As we are walking to the venue we saw a lot of KPOP fans on the way. The event started at 9 AM and the time we arrived would be considered late already but to my surprise there are still a lot of KPOP fanatic who are in line to get in to the venue. At that time I said to myself that this would be daebak! After a few minutes lining up we were now at the entrance. We registered first and donate  200.00 Php for the benefited organization (Gawad Kalinga and PAWS). That time PICC was a KPOP haven for us ’cause every corner you will see KPOP. Starting from fan club booths, KPOP merchandises and everywhere are KPOP fanatics. You will never be out of place ’cause every people you will see has the same interest as you.


Daebak! Everywhere I see KPOP ❤

We were given a raffle card at the registration area. As soon as I got the paper and read the mechanics me and my sis did our job to get my paper stamped. I was the only one who played it since my sister is not a globe user so she just helped me out.We needed to get 20 stamps 8 each from major and minor fan club (FC), 2 from rookie FC and 1 each from standard appliance and globe. There we’re already a lot of people doing each tasks.


Some of the Major Fan Club booth


Some of the Minor and Rookie FC


ZE:A and G.Na FC booth

I lined up first at Standard appliance booth, here I just need to watch the commercial and someone from Standard will ask a question about it. Luckily an answered it (Yahoo! one done 19 to go). Then afterwards me and my sis decided to try our luck at the major FC. PICC was seriously packed with lots of people.


Trying my luck at the major FC’s games

The FC’s offered a lot of cool games for us to get our stamps. Every time I see other people dancing and singing to get a stamp I always  get nervous since I am not that talented. Good thing I wasn’t asked to do it LOL. Many games are pick your question and answer the trivia so you can get a stamp. Other games are simple just by creating a fan letter you will be given a stamp. Some just need a certain color (the artist’s color like red for Cassies). Some just asked for us to take a picture with their booth.


Me doing the task to complete my stamps

It was really fun to do. I was shy to do these things at first but thinking that I am with my fellow KPOP fanatics shed my shyness away.


Me trying to solve a puzzle at Perf(x)tion Philippines booth and I . . . failed~ LOL

One of the most memorable part of doing the games is when I spelled my Beast bias (Kikwang) name with my butt. I felt really funny doing it LOL but who cares its fun!

There were instances that I got a penalty for not answering the questions right ’cause I am not that familiar with other groups specially the new ones. It was in Block B booth when I needed to shout “Do you wanna be?” and I will not stop until someone will shout back “Block B”. I shouted it with all my might and the two people behind me shouted back “Block B”. I was really thankful to those two. Too bad I haven’t got to chat with them ’cause I was too engrossed in completing my stamps.


Me at BBC PH booth were I got a penalty to shout “Do you wanna be?”

The games was really fun to do and this also became the opportunity for KPOP fanatics to interact and spazz together.


Me with my favorite fan club SJUnited PH

After I completed my stamps I immediately rushed to the redemption booth.


Completed the stamps whew it was like the amazing race LOL

Here the first 500 to complete the raffled card will be given a chance to choose a FREE KPOP merchandise. I got a “Oneway Street Philippine Edition” album.


Happy fan girl again 🙂

It was already past 2 PM when we decided to eat. It was already late for lunch but there are still a lot of people in line to the food concessionaires. At this kind of events foods help us to regain our strengths from being hyper all the time. I just hope next time more food concessionaires will participate.

After eating we checked the KPOP merchandise booths. Many KPOP shirts are sold here and even KPOP albums. Anything Korean related merchandise are sold here.


Korean merchandises galore!

We went to the event hall ’cause many people were screaming and it was because KPOP rookie group A.Cian is performing.


The event hall looked like a concert hall that time

Many fans of A.Cian are waiving their banners. It was really fun.


A.Cian performing


A fan waving A.Cian album

After performing the hosts then talked to A.Cian and they played “bring me” with the audience. I wanted to join the game but I was far from the stage so I can’t. I have a small built body so shoving those fans in front of me won’t do LOL. If I tried that then maybe I would look like a paper folded into 4 now.


Lucky fans


Some winners of the bring me game

A.Cian members are having fun interacting with their fans. Whenever a fan got to hug the members, the fans would scream very loud as to show their jealousy LOL. (Yes we fan girls are really like that). Even the hosts hugged the members, they are so lucky indeed! The autographed signing of A.Cian happened after that.


A.Cian members even got some gifts from fans and they gave the fans a hug

We then decided to drop by at Ponds booth and we got to try playing darts. It was so fun plus the freebies we got. My sister won a Ponds bag ’cause she pooped a balloon there. I was unlucky that time, the Ponds staff gave me 3 chance to hit the balloon but I missed it.  But still I have fun playing darts. Beside the Ponds booth was Eskinol and Basic House. We got free Eskinol sample and Basic House poster.


Pulp and Eskinol booth


Me posing with Basic House endorser Won Bin and Kang Sora LOL

We both won a free make up session at Lioele. Freebies galore! Sparkling booth sells their previous magazines as well as their latest issue featuring Girls Generation and Lee Min Ho as the covers. Pulp booth sells DKFC tickets there. And Astro Booth allows fans to sing their favorite Korean songs in their videoke for free!


Liole booth and Standard Appliance tarpaulin

Many fans got busy taking picture with the cosplayers. Too bad I haven’t got a picture with them, maybe next time I will. One of the events that KPOP fanatics look forward to was the look-a-like contest. First they let those who want to join the contest to send their entries via PKCI Facebook page. The top 4 who will get the most comments/likes and closes picture to who are they cosplaying will win.


The winners for the look-a-like contest

We came back at the event hall to wait for F.Cuz. KPOP Convention this year offered many contest for KPOP fans. It was almost six when the host told us to focus. This is the signal that F.Cuz will conquer the KPOPCon stage. Many fans became hyped again. Those seated then stand on their seats when F.Cuz showed. All are screaming as F.Cuz performs and many took their cams out to take a fancam of F.Cuz. It was really like a concert. Many fan girls got “kilig” just by seeing their bias in F.Cuz. Too bad I wasn’t able to finish their performance since I need to go home (The downside of living in the province aigooo).


F.Cuz on stage


Concert? No its KPOPCon with F.Cuz as guest


F.Cuz performing Jiggy ballad version

All I can say is that my first and definitely not the last KPOP Convention experience was D-A-E-B-A-K! The time to check out each booth was bitin. I did have a blast playing the games, spazzing with my fellow KPOP fanatics, getting freebies and seeing A.Cian and F.Cuz. It was the best event to end 2012. Bow down to the organizers and sponsors for being able to pull off a very fun event for us KPOP fanatics.

Check out the list of winners for the 4th Philippine Kpop Convention HERE

Here are some of the pictures and fancam I took at the event. Enjoy!
Other pictures Kurt (Cosplayer of Siwon) :


Woohyun, Yoona and Siwon cosplayers


Kurt is the one cosplaying as Siwon of SJ


He even has fans now




Okay I was just taking Kurt photos LOL


Even the host thinks he looks adorbs 🙂


The look-a-like winners even played a game with the audience

Other pictures of A.Cian :


A lucky fan getting a hug from A.Cian member


Love this picture in the sea of people there is an ELF ❤




A winner in the bring me game and A.Cian said that he is the 6th member of A.Cian LOL




A fan doing a heart sign with her hand


LOL at epic reaction of A.Cian


They are trying to look at the fans despite the lights


A.Cian taking a picture on stage


A.Cian saying bye bye and doing heart shapes for the fans

Other pictures of F.Cuz:


Adorkables 🙂


Listening intently on the host ’cause the audience was screaming so loud










One of the hosts looks kinikilig here


A-D-O-R-K-A-B-L-E-S 🙂


Special thanks to my sister who took my pictures during the event. Komawo~

You could check out the official photos of the event at Philippine KPOP Convention Facebook Page. I took the liberty to have a list here for my readers so enjoy browsing the pictures. Links are listed below:

Venue HERE
Participating Fan Clubs HERE and HERE
Prizes and Giveaways HERE
Promotional Videos HERE
Opening Acts, Game Winners, Speakers HERE
Singing, Dance, Special Perf HERE
Look-Alike, Fashion Invasion HERE and HERE
Kosplay, Awarding HERE
A.Cian Fansigning Event HERE
F.Cuz Fansigning Event HERE

Eskinol “Pimples Out, BFF’s In” – Kpop Convention (From Eskinol FB Page) HERE


I would like to have Sexy, Free and Single Ver. C and Mr. Simple Ver. A (Sungmin cover) by Super Junior.

Check out Philippine KPOP Committee social media accounts, they are the one who made this awesome event possible.

Facebook:  HERE
Twitter: @kpopconph
Website: kpopcon.info


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