Heaven’s Postman


Title: Heaven’s Postman / 천국의 우편배달부/ Cheongukui Woopyeon Baedalbu

Released Date: November 11, 2009

Genre: Romance / Melodrama

Heaven’s Postman is part of the seven (7) “Telecinema” series under the joint production of  SBS (South Korea) & TV Asahi (Japan). The seven series was broadcasted on cinema first then on television in South Korea and Japan.

The telecinema is leaded by Hero Jaejoong (Shin Jae Joon) and Han Hyo Joo (Jo Ha-Na). As hinted by the title, it is about a postman (Jae Joon) who delivers the letters of the people who is still grieving from the lost of their loved ones to heaven. One day Ha-Na sent a letter for her lost loved one and bumped into Jae Joon. Jae Joon got the letters in the mailbox and Ha-Na tried to stop him thinking he was stealing those letters.

The story revolves as how Ha-Na and Jae Joon tries to help give closure to those people who still have unresolved issues with their loved ones who passed away. Honestly I have watched the telecinema because Jaejoong stars in it. I have read the synopsis of the telecinema before watching it and I got curious on the story line. I watched it thinking that it might be like Il Mare because the story revolves in a mailbox or it might be like 49 Days because Jae Joon is in a coma here. And after watching, it is more like 49 days though the part of Jae Joon being in a coma wasn’t really stressed in the telecinema.

The overall production can’t really be compared with a real movie since it is a telecinema. The story line at first is very confusing for me. The first part bored me out because the story flow was like help resolve one issue then go unto the next. The only thing that let me hold into the movie is to find out if Jae Joon is a ghost or not. I also love the Jae Joon – Ha-Na love lines. I really like the ending part (I don’t want to spoil anything so just watch it to know what I am talking about). I wish they stressed out that part more but writers nowadays tend to have a cliff hanging ending.

The choice of setting for the telecinema is good. I love that they have put the red mailbox in the middle of a grass field, it added to the dramatic effect. The film score they have used all through out the telecinema is superb. It is very heartwarming to listen to. Each film score is well done. The lead roles did a good job in portraying the roles. Jaejoong is very mesmerizing to look at. Though I think he still has some thing to improve with his acting. Hyo Joo did a good job in portraying her role here.

Overall the telecinema is good though it is not on my favorite list. The beauty of the telecinema cannot be fully seen at the first part of the telecinema you really have to watch it until the end. It’s a slow pacing telecinema so the latter part of the story is my favorite.

Rating: 8/10

Listen to the OST here!

Watched the trailer here:



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