A lovely encounter with J Morning

December 13, 2012 – I was strolling in Mall of Asia when I saw a group of Koreans in front of SM Hypermarket. Since I wasn’t wearing my eye glasses that time all I can see is their figure and the colorful dresses they are wearing. But I guessed that they are JMorning since I saw an oranged color guy haha cheese curls like hair. To make sure I passed by them and I was right it was JMorning.

I became shy to approach them since they are talking. But when Ssol and Gahyun went to my direction I immediately greeted them “Anneohaseyeo!” They seemed surprised at first then I told them “JMorning right?” And after that the clueless face faded. They are telling me about their guesting in Wil Time Bigtime. Then they asked me “Picture? Want picture right?” and i said yes. Deep inside I was really thankful for Ssol and Gahyun asking me that since I dont know what to do. They called the other members and manager oppa took our picture and told me to post it on facebook. After that I have a little chat with them. I kept telling them that Philippines love them and told them that I watched their mall tour before. I told them that I will watch them on Sunday at their free concert in Luneta. After the chat I bid my goodbye and they told “Thank you po”. They said that in unison. I really impressed with it ’cause I almost got tongue tied speaking to them in English then they are the one who said a Tagalog word to me. Cool right?


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