Meet and Greet: Raina Hein


Raina Hein
Credits: Bench

November 9, 2012 – After bringing ANTM British Invasion winner Sophie Sumner, Bench now brings ANTM Cycle 14 runner up Raina Hein as the face of  Furne Onè scents for Bench. It was November 4, 2012 when Raina tweeted a picture with her holding a message.


The response from her previous tweet was very high that made her tweet this:

“OHMYLANTA I seriously cannot believe how many tweets & messages I got from my last tweet! YES, I’M COMING TO MANILA!!! See you in 2 days 🙂 “- @RainaHein

It was November 8, 2012 when Furne One & Bench Scents collaborated for the launch of Unholy. It happened at the Manila Peninsula. That same day Bench announced the mechanics for Raina’s Meet & Greet for Trinoma and Mall of Asia.

“Catch Top Model Raina Hein at Bench TriNoma4pm) & Bench SM Mall of Asia Official (6:30pm) tomorrow for her Meet & Greet activity. Just buy one (1) of the three (3) variants of Furne Onè scents and it automatically entitles u to be part of the activity.” –Bench Official Facebook page

Since it was a Friday and Mall of Asia is nearby my workplace so I decided to go there. My first plan was just to find a good spot outside the event area and get some good pictures. But luckily Bench staffs offered some passes for free so I grabbed the opportunity to get one. The meet and greet was supposed to start at 6:30 PM but due to heavy traffic caused by a vehicular accident the meet and greet was pushed back to 9:30 PM.




Fans patiently waiting for Raina

The event organizers pleaded to us to wait more and let us eat dinner first. Good thing my friend also attended the event. We ate dinner at Greenwich which is nearby the event venue. I am not yet finished eating when we heard screams. Even though I haven’t finished my food, food was still on my mouth that time and I haven’t drank water. We immediately run to the event venue and our guess was true Raina already arrived. Fans are already near the stage to take pictures of Raina. Since it was already late and the mall is about to close at 10:00 PM the organizer instructed to start the meet and greet. All the fans were lined up based on their seats. I was early at the venue so I was in the front row. At the line I took the time to get a quick retouch.



She is tall and look at those lovely eyes


Lucky fans getting a hug


Raina is happy meeting her fans

I took some pictures while I was at the line. I was a bit nervous as my turn is getting nearer. I was stunned at her beauty. She really looked like an actress. Then it was my turn and this is our conversation:

Me: Hi wolf girl! (With my bright smile)

Raina: Hi! (Wide eyes and wide smile)

Me: (Hugged her)

Raina: What’s you’re name?

Me: (Showed her my little notebook where I put my name as per instructed by the organizer so the meet and greet would be fast) This is my name (pointing to my name) and this is my sisters name (pointing to my sister’s name which I also wrote at my notebook).

Raina: (Busy copying the name)

Me: My sister is a big fan of yours can I also get an autograph here? (Pointing to my notebook)

Bouncer: Bawal po magpaauthograph diyan. Dun lang po sa photo card. [TRANS] You are not allowed to have an autograph there. Only on the photo card is allowed.

Raina: (Finished signing and we took a quick shot)

Me: (Got my photo card) Bye Raina 🙂

*The conversation was really fast since they were rushing the Meet and Greet


Me saying my name to her


Writing an autograph for me and good thing she also signed for my sister yay super kind Raina ♥


Me with Raina ♥


Me with Raina ♥
Credits: Bench


I stayed at the venue cause I saw my friend Naomi who is a big fan of ANTM there. We have some chat but the event organizer told me to exit the venue. I did exited and gave my camera to my friend so they could take some pictures. Being the stubborn me (Sorry for this I just felt frustrated for waiting that long just to see Raina for that very short period of time) I got a chance to go inside again. I was behaved all the time when I was taking Raina’s picture and I was lucky ’cause Raina kept looking at my camera.


Raina looking at my camera


Love the smile





A very happy fan


Lovely 🙂



Raina still looking at my camera 🙂


Very beautiful Raina


Very caring Security personnel fanning for Raina 🙂

I just waited for my friends who are also there for Raina’s meet and greet.


My friend Mariel with Raina


Mariel taking picture with Raina


Mariel’s friend Nedy


Cute Raina with Nedy


Big hug from my friend Naomi


Naomi with Raina

Then we saw Furne Amato sitting at French Baker. Me and Naomi approached Furne and asked for a picture and he was very kind to allow our request. I felt privileged to have a small talk with Furne. Imagine having a chat with a world-class designer which his works are already worn by famous artists. Here are some parts of our conversation that I remembered.

Naomi was the first to have a photo opportunity with Furne and they had some chat

Then it was my turn.

Furne said the Raina is “Very mabait” [TRANS: Very kind]

We also asked about the traffic and he said that the traffic was so heavy

He also asked if we have smelled Unholy and we said yes. I said that Handsome Girl perfume smells the best for me

I also asked if Raina has eaten dinner already but Furne said she just ate sandwich 😦


Me with Furne Amato


Me with Furne Amato

Then we saw that the Meet and Greet ended and the lights at the MOA Atrium was already turned off. So we said goodbye and thank you to Furne. We saw Raina entered the Bench Store and take a quick look at the store. Then after that she already walked towards the exit of the mall. We decided to follow her until she got in at her car. I called her name and she happily looked back and waved. I did a little fan sign saying “We ♥ Raina” which I kept on showing when she was already at her car.


My improvised fansign


Nedy, Mariel and Me


Happy ninjas at the Mall of Asia
Thank you Bench!

Though it was a short meet and greet I was really happy to be a part of it. The wait is definitely worth it.


Thank you Raina and Bench for the very awesome experience

November 10, 2012  Raina posted this on her Facebook account.


From Raina’s official Facebook page

She is just a sweetie and Raina followed many of those who attended her Meet and Greet at Trinoma and Mall of Asia on twitter and even sent a direct message to them. She even post comments to Bench official facebook account just to say she love us. That kind act of hers is very special to us fans.


Raina followed me 🙂


A direct message from Raina ♥

Thank You Raina! I am now a big fan of yours 🙂 Momma Ninja, you are always welcome here in the Philippines.

Raina Hein official site | HERE
Raina Hein official Facebook page | HERE
My photos could be also viewed on my flickr account
Official photos for the Meet and Greet for Trinoma and Mall of Asia are already up on Bench FB Page

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