My official sign

Yesterday I was thinking on what watermark should I use for my photos. My choices were the following:

  1. URL of my blog –
  2. Twitter username – akosigelai
  3. Official logo – I haven’t have one yet so I was thinking of creating one

Then a logo idea suddenly came into my mind. I was thinking of a logo with my name on it and a cute wings at each side of it. I then searched for the things that I need:

  • Wings – There is a specific wings that I have in mind and I found a one a bit similar to it.
  • Font – I want a font that will have a link to my personality so I searched for a Super Junior font since I am an ELF
  • Color – My favorite color before is green but ever since I became a Super Junior fan it became Sapphire Blue

After I have found the things I want then I opened my Photoshop and did my thing. This is the end result, I am not an expert when it comes to Photoshop so I made it simple.


I wouldn’t be able to make my official logo it if weren’t from this sites:

Manga Wings |

Motter Femina Font |


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