Meet and Greet: Sophie Sumner

October 26, 2012 – I have been a fan of Sophie Sumner ever since ANTM British Invasion. She stands out from all the other contestants that time that is why she was declared as the winner for that cycle. Her pink short hair really caught my attention. For me it was very unique since I rarely see people with pink hair and if ever I see one, pink doesn’t matched them. But with Sophie it fits perfectly, it’s like Sophie = Pink!

Last September 14, 2012, Bench Universe was held and Sophie was part of it. I was able to got an invite for it however my sit was far from the stage. I was on the Upper Box corner. Whenever Sophie walks the runway all I can do is look intently at her thru my binoculars and scream her name at the top of my lungs. I thought that was my last chance to see her.

It was October 23, 2012 when Sophie tweeted this:

“Guess whos back in the Philippine’s – meeeee!!! Cant wait to see everybody @benchtm Cant wait to meet all you #benchsetters ! xx” –  (c) @sophiesumner

I initially thought after reading this is that she will be here because of PWF and will walk for Bench. I was really happy to know she is here ’cause my chance of seeing her is higher now since PFW will held at MOA which is near my workplace and Bench show can still be viewed by those who doesn’t get an invite. After that Sophie tweeted another one saying:

“If you guys get #benchsetters trending maybbeeee… @benchtm will do a meet and greet this week……”  –  (c) @sophiesumner

It was a maybe at first but then Bench/ suddenly announced the mechanics for the meet and greet. I entered the contest since my closet is full of Bench/ clothes. I asked my sister to take photos of me. Here is my entry I looked a bit haggard here ’cause I haven’t gotten a decent sleep because of fangirl-ing and work LOL.


I was busy at work the whole day of October 25 ’cause the next day was declared as holiday. When I went home my sister then told me that I won, I was so happy to hear it that it made me jump of my feet (I still act as a kiddo at times).


The day to meet Sophie has finally arrived. The weather that day was not that good because there is a typhoon expected to leave the Philippines that morning. Bench/ announced the winners to come by at the venue an hour earlier to get their passes. I came on time at the venue but people are already in lines in front of the Bench/ store. I asked the organizer where I can get my passes and they told me to go to the counter. At the counter I told them my twitter username, then I signed there and they have given me a Sophie photo card. I was the 44th winner to get my passes. Winners are instructed to line up by their designated number. I lined up there and took some photos while waiting for Sophie to come.


Lining up


Sophie Photocard


Mr. Ben Chan the man behind all this things 🙂

After minutes of waiting, Sophie has arrived. She walked in front of me and it felt so surreal. She is really tall and looks like a living barbie doll. The organizers then called the first person in the line and the meet and greet has started. I took a couple of picture of her while waiting for my turn. I observed her actions and I have a couple of observation to share:

  1. She is like a barbie doll. She is really beautiful in person and very tall.
  2. Sophie loves her fans. When Sophie PH gave her cakes and gifts her reaction was really pure. Her face shouts “thank you”.
  3. Bubbly personality. She smiles a lot while talking to her fans.
  4. Game, there were some fans who have a mini posing battle with Sophie and she is game with it LOL.
  5. The meet and greet has lasted until 7:30 PM, it is tiring to write an autograph and pose for the camera but I haven’t noticed her complain or something.
  6. She is very kind to her fans. If she could allow to take pictures with her fans who weren’t chosen for the meet and greet she would!


Sophie entering the event


Amazed Sophie


Sophie looking at our side, too bad my pic was blurred


Sophie is really a living barbie doll


Sophie still amazed


Isn’t she lovely?


Sophie’s big smile. She is really happy all through out the meet and greet




She is really adorable


Lots of people wanting to meet and greet Sophie ♥


Pink Invasion ♥


Someone photo bomb my picture LOL. I’m getting nearer

Finally it was my turn. My heart was pumping loudly when I went next to her. I have given my camera to the organizer so she could take a picture of me with Sophie. I actually have a script in mind to say to Sophie but when I was talking to her my mind went blank. I even can’t get the right words out of my mouth at first. Our little conversation went like this:

Me: Hi Sophie (Hugged her then gave the photo card for her to sign).

Sophie: What’s your name dear?

Me: (Spelled out my name and Sophie spelled it again while writing it on the photo card) G -E – L – I (Then I have noticed that Sophie has written GELI I immediately told her “Oh I’m sorry it should be A then I”. Good thing Sophie did a quick fix to it, she is brilliant!)

Sophie: Oh so its Gelai! (Love her accent when she said my name)

Me: (While Sophie was still writing on my photo card) Me and my sisters were your fans but they weren’t able to come.

Sophie: (Paused writing then looked at me) Oh why? They should have come!

Me: But I only have the invite 😦

Sophie: But still they should have come (Her accent was really cute)

Me: Will you be at MOA tomorrow?

Sophie: Uhmm I actually don’t know where will I be tomorrow

Me: For Philippine Fashion ….

Sophie: Ah yes! For Bench yes! I will be there

Me: Really, I will be there too tomorrow. See you there 😀

Sophie: Really? Yes see you tomorrow 🙂

Then we posed for the pictures. I was instructed to go down but I asked Sophie for another photo. This time she will be standing up.

Me: Uhmm Sophie could we take another pic, you will stand up.

Sophie: Sure!


Me talking to Sophie ♥


Sophie writing while spelling my name ♥


Me with Sophie Sumner ♥


She is so tall ♥


Happy fangirl 🙂 Photo from Bench


After that I get my camera and happily exited the venue. There were still a lot of people in the line. I decided to stay and took photos.


Admins of Sophie Sumner PH


A fan having her shirt sign by Sophie


Sophie spelling out while writing the name of her fan


Even little kids are her fan

I was just standing there holding my signed photo card when a girl came up to me. She asked me were did I got my photo card and I told her that I won the contest  She then told me that she also entered the contest but wasn’t picked. We then have a few talks and I feel her frustrations of just seeing her idol but from a far view ’cause I have been in that situation many times. I want to help her so I gave some few tips on fangirl-ing to her. Since Sophie PH will have another photo op with Sophie after the meet and greet I called Naomi and told her that Sophie PH are just waiting for their turn. She asked the admins if she could come with them and the admin said she could after they have taken the pictures.

I could have another opportunity to be near Sophie but I just have given that moment to The core admins of Sophie PH. I don’t want to make a scene there since the admins really deserved that photo op with Sophie. After that Naomi has found a chance to get near Sophie and I took a quick shot of them even though the organizers are telling me to go down already LOL (Sorry to the organizers if I am a bit stubborn).


Me with Naomi

Sophie leaved after taking pictures with the Bench/ staffs in Glorietta 5. After that me and Naomi took some photos on the stage and we then decided to go home.


Sophie having a picture taken with the Bench staffs at Glorietta 5

It was a really special experience to me and I am very thankful to Bench/ and to those who are part of this event for giving us an opportunity to meet Sophie. And thank you also to Sophie for being kind. I will always admire you for that.

My photos could be also viewed on my flickr account
Official photos for the Meet and Greet are already up on Bench FB Page

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