October 2, 2012 – Me and my friend decided to try the unique flavored ice cream offered by Sebastians. My friend introduced Sebastians to me. She said that she had read good reviews about the Mangga with Bagoong ice cream. Yes, you read it right bagoong. I was not shocked of mangga ice cream since a lot of brand offers it but mangga with bagoong? Now that’s intriguing.

Since I love trying out new foods specially desserts I immediately agreed to try it out. We went to Sebastians branch in Mall Of Asia. We already have our flavor of choice before we went to the store. Leche flan flavor for me and Mangga with Bagoong for my friend. Unfortunately leche flan flavor is already out-of-stock at MOA branch so I just decided to pick from the available flavors. Good thing they allow free taste. We tried Pastillas de Leche (not sure with the name), Maple (not sure with the name), and Cookie Dough. Pastillas de Leche taste like frozen pastillas and the Maple flavor taste like pancake. Among the three we choose Cookie Dough.



Mangga with Bagoong – Unriped mango flavored ice cream with bagoong toppings. Bagoong is a Philippine condiment made of partially or completely fermented fish or shrimps and salt (cr. Here in the Philippines, bagoong best match with an unripe mango. It is even sold in the streets here.

The ice cream cost 140 Php. It taste good with less bagoong. I am not a fan of bagoong so that’s the reason why. It taste like a unripe mango placed in the fridge overnight with bagoong toppings. I was not really impressed with the taste. I am not saying it is not delicious or whatnot. Maybe I am not ready with that kind of uniqueness. Taste preference differ from person to person. This one is not for me I guess. But despite of it I still recommend it specially if you are the type who can try anything.


Mangga with Bagoong ice cream

Cookie Dough – Is a cookie that is not yet hardened. It is like a cookie that is not yet baked. The ice cream costs 100 Php cheaper than Mangga with Bagoong ice cream. I like this one better. The ice cream contains kisses shaped chocolate and nuts. I recommend this one to the sweet tooth type of person like me.


Cookie Dough ice cream


Me with my friend Marja


We looked better here right? Thanks to Samsung EX1 beauty shot LOL


Aftermath LOL, we didn’t finished eating Mangga with Bagoong


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