Meet and Greet: Jessica Sanchez

September 25, 2012 – It all started with a tweet from @benchtm regarding how to get FREE invites to Meet and Greet Jessica Sanchez. As soon as I saw the tweet on how to join, I immediately tweeted them my answer.

Mechanics on how to join

My answer 

I was not really expecting to win but to my surprise I got a DM (Direct Message) from @benchtm saying that I won a Meet and Greet pass to Jessica Sanchez.

DM from @benchtm

Friendly reminder from bench

All the way from Cavite, I conquered the heat and pollution of Manila just to see Jessica Sanchez. I got to the event room at 3:00 PM. I thought I was late but good thing I’m not. I first let the organizer validate my identity by telling them my twitter username and showing the DM that they have sent me. After that they gave me a number and let me in the room and instructed me to sit next to the person who holds a number before me. Since the meet and greet has not yet started I grabbed the opportunity to fix myself since I was literally covered with sweat which I got from running just to get there on time.

The event organizer then said a few reminders to us. They said there will be no autograph   signing 😦 they also said not to hug Jessica to thight and pictures will be in groups of five (5).

Then suddenly Ginger Conejero appeared. Some lucky fans near her got to take a picture with her.

The beautiful Ginger Conejero

The show started, after a few introduction Jessica Sanchez went to the stage. It just felt surreal to see her in person. She is very beautiful in person. I so love the color of her skin and she is very petite.

Cute Jay 🙂

Jessica ❤

We then rosed up from our seat and tried our best to go near the stage so we could take pictures of her. The organizers immediately called up 5 people and started the meet and greet. It was a really short meet and greet, maybe because her schedule is very tight. She still needs to go to GreenBelt 5 and Mall of Asia after that.

Then I got my turn, Jessica with all smiles greeted and hugged (Yes lucky me!). Then our group picture was taken and we’re then instructed to go out the event hall for a while.

After a few minutes outside we were allowed to go in again. I went straight near the stage and take some pictures of Jessica. When they have finished to take pictures, Jessica then said her goodbye to us. Most of us stayed at the event hall for a bit to take pictures and to relieve that very fast meet and greet with Jessica.

Me with Jessica ❤
cr. Bench FB page

Here are the other pictures. Enjoy!


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