cr. JMorning Official FB Page

October 6, 2012 – I first heard of the band JMorning in a variety show here in the Philippines which is Wil Time Big Time. They promoted their songs there. I was uninterested at them at first. I thought they were just like the other Korean group that also performed in the same show before which I didn’t liked since they are so “pa-sexy” but I was wrong they have something else that caught my attention. Their voice is good and I love them being so lively while performing. Whenever they performed, they owned the stage. And when the host interviewed them they were so funny. Even though they have a hard time speaking and understanding English they still tried their best. The 2 girls dance their ass off in Gangnam Style when the host tell them too dance it. They were like crazy but in a funny and cute way.

JMorning at Wil Time Big Time
cr. JMorning Official FB Page

After that I googled JMorning immediately. Though I did have a hard time finding posts and information about the band since there are only few articles about them. And most articles are about their promotion here. Then I stumbled about a post regarding their promotional schedules on the malls here in the Philippines. And *poof* I saw that they have a schedule today at SM Dasma. I decided to go there ’cause need to buy something there and also to see them. Its like hitting two birds with one stone.

I arrived a bit late at the venue. There were already a lot of people at the venue. So I find a spot where I could take pictures. Even though some of the audience are not really die hard fans of them and most might be just passers by. I could tell that they enjoyed JMorning’s performances. Music is really a universal language. To add up to that, JMorning owning the stage did caught peoples attention.

JMorning went backstage after their performance and the organizers started to put the table in the stage for the autograph session. Some people already left the venue, and the people left are the fans of JMorning. I stayed at the venue so that I could take pictures of the members. And I was not disappointed since I did take decent pictures and have a little sign language chat with Taehoon ♥ and Jinbum.

Just a little info about the band. JMorning is a South Korean Rock Band. It is known that in Korea KPOP genre is more popular than rock and other genre. This may be the explanation why I only find few articles about JMorning. The band is composed of Ssol (Main Vocal), Gahyun (Vocals and Violin) and Min Gyu (Guitar). They are accompanied by sub-members Taehoon (Bass) and Jinbum (drums). They are under KMB company. And based on the pictures in their Facebook page they have been performing in different countries these past few months.

So here are some of the pictures that I have taken at the event enjoy!


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