Cotton On

September 7, 2012 – The long wait is over for those who are waiting for the Australian clothing brand to set foot here at the malls in the Philippines. Cotton On was brought here by Suyen Corporation which has already brought other foreign brands here at the PH.

Cotton On

The whole week before the opening date, Cotton On has prepared many promos in preparation for the opening. They even let models to audition for the by invitation only fashion show that happened on September 6, 2012. Another event they did to advertise the opening is the  “FUN RIDE WITH COTTON ON BUS”  which even went to schools to give flyers. Those flyers can then be presented on the store to be able to exchange for a free gift.

Fun Ride with Cotton On

Fun Ride with Cotton On

September 6,  the launch happened at The Mall of Asia. I wan’t able to attend  since it is exclusive for the press, bloggers, artists and only to people who were given invites. To know more of what happened you may visit this blog HERE .

The next day is the day shoppers are waiting for since the store will be officially opened. Still I wasn’t been able to line up there even if I want to ’cause I have work. Thanks to  @benchtm twitter for the real time updates that day. Based on the updates lots of shoppers are already in the line even though the store is still closed. At exactly 10:00 AM the store has been opened. Since it was the opening, Cotton On products were on big sale. In addition to that shoppers were given P 500.00 discount for a minimum purchase of P 1,000.00. Bench lifestyle card holders are also given 10% discounts and Bench MasterCard holders are given 25% off. Discounts are raining that day. They also gave Cotton On pins and mugs for the buyers who has bought a minimum purchase required.

After work I went to Mall of Asia with my workmate. We stroll around the mall and ate when we got hungry. We bumped to a lot of shoppers with Cotton On bags with them, take note not just one bag but a minimum of 2 huge bags. We first went to the temporary Bench store, since the main store in still under renovation. The temporary Bench store was just a few walks away from Cotton On so we first dropped by the store. A lot of people were already inside the store. We went directly inside since there are no lines. We just took a quick walk inside. I was not interested at first to buy there (Cotton On) ’cause my main reason why I went to MOA is to ask Bench staff on how to avail free invites to Coco Martin’s deo-cologne launch. We then went to Bench afterwards and they are still on Super Sale. I did have a little chat on one of the staff, I asked about the BenchCoCologne. After he gave me the details he then offered us a P 500.00 discount coupon. He gave us two each of those. Then me and my friend has that “Whoa” look on our face since a P 500.00 discount is not a bad idea. We then hurriedly went again to Cotton On. But this time there are a lot of people in the line outside the store. We then lined up, waited for our turn to go inside. *Drum rolls* we were able to went inside.

Me and my friend scanned the items to see if there are things we would like to buy. Cotton On offers a lot of good items starting from tees, button on shirts, shorts, colorful jeans and jackets, bags and a lot more. The style generally is simple yet fashionable. Since I was a bit broke that time so I stayed away from clothes that are a bit pricey LOL. After scanning the items we then found a stylish and very elegant in looking clutch. I get the black one and my friend get the brown one. What I love about the clutch is its design and it can fit a smart phone. It’s regular price is P 599.00. Since we bought two of it so the total price is P 1, 198.00, then we used the P 500.00 discount coupon so the total would be P 698.00. The price would have been lowered by 10% if I didn’t forgot to present my Bench Lifestyle Card. But to sum it up 2 clutch for that price is a good buy already. We also got a free pin yey!

Cotton On Store

Cotton On @ Mall of Asia

Bouquet of Flowers

Lots of shopper inside the store

Some shoppers lining up

Multi-purpose clutch

Free pin

Me with the clutch, pin, and discount coupon 🙂


So there my first and definitely not the last Cotton On experience.

Useful links:

Official FB page: Cotton On PH

Twitter: CottonOnPH


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