Hello Work and Hello Traffic?!

August 22, 2012 – Workers, students here in the Phillipines are all going back to work after long weekend due to 2 consecutive holidays we have celebrated, August 20, 2012 for the end of Ramadan of our Muslim friends and August 21, 2012 for the celebration of Ninoy Aquino’s day.

Due to laziness of going back to work I woke up late. I was expecting a smooth flow of traffic going to work since it’s already late and I expect most of the workers and students have left their houses early. But to my surprise I still saw a lot of workers like me who are just going to work. I am not sure if they are late like me or they just became late because it is hard to find a bus going to Manila.

I normally went to the bus terminal in Carmona, but since its already late I decided to go to the bus stop in NAPOCOR. Lots of passengers are already waiting there. I found a spot to stand and waited just like the others do. After a few minutes a bus stopped it is already full but since most of the passengers are already late so even if they have no choice they decided to rode the bus even though they will stand along the way.

Since I brought my laptop with me, It didn’t pass my mind to ride an already overcrowded bus since for sure I will have to stand and traffic might be awaiting for me. Luckily another bus, an empty one, decided to U turn so that we could ride on it. Since the bus has no passenger at first, all of us (who decide to wait for another bus) have been able to sit comfortably. With just a few minutes the bus is full loaded.

As expected traffic is everywhere. The bus that I rode spent an hour or so in the part where traffic is really congested. I get to take a long nap on the way to work because of traffic. Time passed by so quickly, on normal days I should be already at work but since traffic is very heavy today I become much late than usual. To justify how much traffic I have faced is that I was able to write half of this blog.

This is rather not a good way to comeback to work after a long weekend. So there to those who have also suffered from heavy traffic today, you are not alone ๐Ÿ™‚


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