Happy Birthday Super Junior’s Kim Kibum

August 21, 1987 when Super Junior member Kim Kibum is born and today is August 21, 2012 his 25th birthday but in Korea it’s his 26th birthday since in Korea they follow the Korean age. Korean age is done by adding plus 1 age to your international age, in my case I am 21 years old (international age) but in Korea I am already 22 years old. Bit confusing? Nah~ its just that in Korea they count your age starting when you are just in your mothers womb. So thats how you get your Korean age.

Going back to the main subject of this post, from the bottom of my heart I wish Kim Kibum a happy birthday. Please comeback to Super Junior since we your fans already miss you. You may be inactive now but don’t forget we are always behind your back cheering for you.

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Kim Kibum ❤

Super Junior – Kim Kibum

Cr. Photo – Ceci Magazine

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