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Forever Super Junior fan. Forever an ELF. 15 is Forever

How this craziness began…

Since my high school days I was fond of Asian movies and dramas.

I started being addict to Korean movies when my cousin introduced me “My Sassy Girl”. I really like it very much. It’s the kind of movie that I will not get tired to watch over and over again. That started my K-addiction.

My sister, like me is K-addict as well as my other cousins. It is our common denominator. My sister aside from being fond of k dramas/movies, she also loves K-POP. But me at that time is not that addicted to it, yeah I listen to K-POP but not addicted to it unlike now. Going back to the story, she became a Super Junior fan I think it was during “Sorry, sorry” or earlier than that.

I got curious one day when she was watching SJ MV. I was like “Who are they?” then she said its SJ. At first I was like ok. When I listened to their songs I kinda like it because its catchy but when the fact of SJ having 13 member plus a sub-unit SJM was laid out to me by my sis. I was like “WHAT?! 13 members!”. With that fact I just knew I would never like them, why? because they are so many how can I memorize all the members names and faces?

So she is a SJ fan, and I continued to be a K lover. There are times when I insult SJ just to tease my sister. Among the SJ members(before I was not a fan) I thought before that no one is good looking, I didn’t like their hair styles.image

Even though I’m not an SJ fan at that time I still listen to their songs and watched their MV’s but I never cared about them.

It was during “No Other” promotions when something I never thought would happen… happened. The MV was released and I did watched it. I was still in state of denial after watching I don’t want to admit it but I think I’m starting to like SJ.

I was checking the news on when I ran it an article about SJ comeback perf in Ingkigayo out of curiosity I’ve watched it. This was the exact perf I was reffering to

Tee-hee they all look handsome and I just so love this performance because you can see that SJ enjoys performing, you can see their smiles, others members are goofing around. I watched it for a couple of times, even the next day. Then after that I asked my sis who the guy who wore a glasses during that perf. She said it’s Heechul. That time I admitted to her that I was wrong, there are some members in SJ that are good-looking. After that I started fangirl-ing over Hee. I’ve watcher the “No other” MV for a couple of times and ta-dah other member caught my attention it was……Lee Sungmin the Aegyo king of SJ


So after that I started fangirl-ing over MIN and HEE but more of MIN. Then until now I am a fan of SUPER JUNIOR and my bias is LEE SUNGMIN.

For the record, I can say that I am happy being an SJ fan, being an ELF. Maybe most can’t relate or would not understand me but even though I don’t personally know them and vice versa I still can say that SJ and ELF have a different bond that no one can break.

I feel ther happiness when they are happy and also feel their pain whenever they are sad. Now I try to help SJ win awards through searching for them in different sites, buying their new jib(album) and participating in polls.

I am happy being an ELF because






From SJ + ELF = 15


*Re-posting this from my old tumblog ^_^

Unlimited happiness with Super Junior with Globe

 F.O.R.E.V.E.R E.L.F


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My Korean Icon Contest

I have been interested in Korean culture ever since my cousin recommended me the film “My Sassy Girl”. Since then I have dedicated my free time to learn more about Korea from their films, music and now their language. Korean wave (Hallyu; 한류) became very wide spread not just in Asia but even in some parts of Europe, Australia and America. Then there came PSY a South Korean singer/rapper who became know internationally with his viral song “Gangnam Style“. His music video has already reached 1.6 billion hits on Youtube. No doubt PSY has made a great contribution to spread Korean wave to a much broader audience.

PSY’s Wiki Korea

PSY is the new icon for Korean tourism. The Korea Tourism Organization has launched the “PSY’s Wiki Korea” campaign where PSY explained the twenty-seven (27) topics related to Korea. The topics were categorized into three (3) categories namely: Food, Fun and Shopping.  The 27 popular topics explained by PSY symbolizes what the Korean culture can offer. Six (6) commercials were shot by PSY for “PSY’s Wiki Korea”. On the commercials he explains the words in Wikipedia style, from how to pronounce it and its meaning. All these TV commercials are shown in many countries worldwide thus promoting the Korean culture to other nations.


Check out for the complete TVC of PSY

Samgyeopsal (Sam-gyeop-sal; 삼겹살)

Samgyeopsal [Sam-gyeop-sal; 삼겹살] is Korean’s pork belly barbecue. Koreans usually eat samgyeopsal with accompaniments such as green onion salad, lettuce (Sangchu; 상추) and paste (Ssamjang; 쌈장). Since pork is cheaper than beef in Korea, samgyeopsal is a dish where anyone can eat without having to worry about the price.

I have known about samgyeopsal through the Korean series I have watched. In every scene on the dining table or restaurant samgyeopsal is always present. Pork belly barbeque sounds common but samgyeopsal is way different why? It’s because on the way it is prepared. Here in the Philippines the cooking area and the dining table is separate. First we prepared the dishes we will eat. Then after cooking we have to set the dining area and there we will eat the dishes we have cooked. But in Korea or in case of preparing samgyeopsal, their table has grills on it. They eat it straight from the grill.

Common K-drama location: Samgyeopsal restaurant just like in the popular Korean series “Secret Garden”

The pork belly was cut into bite size. It is then grilled on the grilling pan which is set up on the dining table. It is a customary where those who will eat it will be the one to grill it. While waiting for the pork to be cooked the diners can catch up with each other’s lives. This adds up to the beauty of eating a samgyeopsal.

Samgyeopsal is commonly eaten with lettuce and paste. First get a lettuce leaf and put a pork belly in it. Then add green onion salad, and paste depending on your liking. Fold the lettuce leaf and eat it whole. Don’t bite it because it will break, you don’t want to leave ssamjang stains on your shirts. Ssamgyeopsal is best paired with soju (소주).

How to eat samgyeopsal

What do you think of when you hear the word “Korea”? 

Whenever I think about Korea it always reminded me about ssamgyeopsal. This dish best represents South Korea. Samgyeopsal may seem just an ordinary dish because unlike other popular Korean dishes which have full of ingredients, ssamgyeopsal has only four (4) important components. But if you will examine it closely you can tell “Ah, this dish is very special”. Why? The rich flavor of samgyeopsal is a mirror of the very rich Korean tradition when it comes to food. History of Korea clearly shows that even in dynasty period, they already have  lots of different cuisines. The way samgyeopsal is prepared and eaten shows how Koreans value eating and spending time with their loved ones. As indicated in PSY’s Wiki Korea, “Samgyeopsal is Korea’s all-time favorite Korean barbecue! Best with a glass of champagne and some good friends

Samgyeopsal is best eaten with your loved ones

Please like Korea Tourism Organization Manila official Facebook Page HERE and check out PSY’s other TVC for “PSY’s Wiki Korea” HERE

This is my blog entry for “Psy’s Wiki Korea Tour!” contest 🙂 

Help me out by sharing this post on Facebook and tag Korea Tourism Organization Manila official Facebook Page 😀


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생일축합니다 박정수

July 1, 2013 – Uri leader Park Jungsoo’s birthday. When I was starting to like about Super Junior. I was not so interested with Leeteuk. I don’t find him handsome so I barely check updates about him. But as the day passes, watching varieties where he is part I came to like him. I regret having a not so good first impression about him. He is really an angel. All his sacrifices T_T as a trainee and up until now. He doesn’t deserve any hate thrown at him. Ahh its his birthday this should be a congratulatory post but here I am so emotional XD.

To cut my drama short. I am blessed to be an ELF. In many ways this man inspires me a lot. Whenever I feel like giving up I just think about all the hardships he faced just to fulfill his dreams. I just think about all the hates thrown at him which he dodge gracefully. I just think about the everlasting love he give to his loved ones and to us his angels.

사랑해 박정수





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Happy 7th Anniversary ELFs

June 2, 2013 – This day is very special to every ELF in the world ’cause its our 7th anniversary. How time flies so fast. Seven awesome years with Super Junior and counting ^_^. This post is dedicated to every ELF in the world. I may not know each one of you in person but  I am blessed to have you in my life. My everlasting friends whom I share a part of my life.

My Pearl Sapphire Blue family sarangheyo ^_^


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Title: Big

Released Date: June 4, 2012

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Episodes: 16

Gil Da Ran delivers a bouquet of flowers to a wedding which turns out to be the wedding of her friend Min Joo. Da Ran wasn’t invited by her friend because she haven’t passed the exams to become a teacher. When Da Ran was eating she got a call saying the bouquet she brought was switched. So to get back the bouquet from Min Joo she stayed at the wedding and wait for the tossing of bouquet. But unfortunately she got to an accident when catching it but instead she met her fiance Seo Yoon Jae.

Da Ran rode a bus while listening to a radio program where she sent her story on how she met Yoon Jae when a high school guy, Kang Kyung Joon, was intently looking at her. She thought that Kyung Joon likes her but actually Kyung Joon just followed her off the bus to get his umbrella which was switched to Da Ran’s umbrella. Kyung Joon and Da Ran met again in the school where Da Ran was a substitute teacher. Da Ran was shocked to know that Kyung Joon was the new exchange student.

A month before the wedding Yoon Jae became cold towards Da Ran which made Da Ran very sad. Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon got into a fateful accident and the two of them fell into the deep water. Yoon Jae tried to saved Kyung Joon. The two of them were then rushed to the hospital. Yoon Jae died and Kyung Joon was in the state of coma. Da Ran rushed to the hospital and breakdown on the way to the morgue to see Yoon Jae. But a miracle happened when Kyung Joon woke up in the body of Yoon Jae.

The story is very impressive as expected from Hong sisters who wrote this drama. The mysteries of each character will be revealed along the story. One thing that disappoints me was the ending. I am a fan of Hong sisters works and by far this series ending was my least favorite. Most Korean series have open ended stories but this one is the worst. Its just sad that a beautifully created drama with full package of stars has a poorly created ending.


My favorite part (Episode 6) 🙂

One of the reason that attracted me to watch this series is because of the actors. Admit it if the main casts are attractive it will be a plus for the series. Lee Min Jung portrayed Gil Da Ran, I have watched some of her works before and I can say I am a fan. Since I have seen her from good and bad roles I can say she deserved an applaud for her acting.


Gong Yoo portrayed Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon (trapped in Yoo Jae’s body). This is his comeback in Korean series after Coffee Prince and after serving the military. I was very convinced with his portrayal of Kyung Joon trapped in Yoon Jae’s body. Plus he looks so freaking hot oh my poor fan girl heart.


Shin Won Ho is Kang Kyung Joon. This is a big break for him even though he didn’t have much airtime but still his role is very significant. He is a part of a boy group named Cross Gene. I see future for him as an actor so I hope to see him in other Korean Series.


Bae Suzy or Suzy from the girl group Miss A portrayed Jang Ma Ri a childhood friend of Kang Kyung Joon from America and who follows Kyung Joon everywhere because she loves him. I have no doubt about Suzy’s acting because I have seen her in Dream High and I can say the girl has a future in acting.


Other characters are also interesting just like Da Ran’s family specially Gil Choong Sik. My OTP is Choong Sik and Ma Ri.


Overall I like the casting and the story but I was super disappointed with the ending so I will give this an 8.5. It was supposed to be a 10 but the ending is the most important part in a story and since it was poorly created it has a big effect on the story.

Rating: 8.5/10

Listen to the OST here!

Watch the trailer here:


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CNBLUE Blue Moon Tour – Manila


WHAT: CNBLUE Blue Moon Tour – Manila

WHERE: Araneta Coliseum

WHEN: June 15, 2013, Saturday 8:00 PM

Ticket prices:

Patron VIP : Php 7,500

Patron : Php 6,500

Lower Box : Php 5,500

Upper A Premium (1st 5 rows) : Php 4,500

Upper A Regular : Php 3,500

Upper B : Php 1,500

* All areas are RESERVED Seating

* Ticketnet Charges Apply

* Tickets will start selling on April 28, 2013, 10:00 AM via Ticketnet outlets nationwide

Stage Layout/ Seat Plan:
Where to buy tickets:


Ticketnet Outlets:


Ticketnet Box Office
Green Gate
Red Gate

SM Makati
SM Mall of Asia
SM Manila
SM Marikina
SM Megamall
SM San Lazaro
SM Southmall
SM Sta Mesa


For inquiries you may visit Pulp headquarters or contact them via their social media accounts.

PULP Live World Productions, Inc | Facebook

Happee Sy | Facebook | Twitter 

Official Event Page on Facebook | Here

Details presented are from Happee Sy

Hurry up and grab your tickets now since tickets are selling fast!



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